This year’s coffee season

We finished our third round picking of this year. First round picking started on August 10th, Terry and Sonny picked one day, I picked 3 more days to finish the small farm. Terry pulped all of the coffee.

Second round was a big round of picking, even Sonny picked 261 lb on this round. Kathy came to help me again, it took us 6 and half days to finish it. It rained a lot, put raincoats on, we kept on picking. At the end, we were still soaking well from rain and sweat. Because I wore wet gloves all day, my palms became itch and my skin just peeled off slowly.

A not good thing happened at the end of that round picking. September 7th was Saturday, the 7th day of picking, I hoped we can finish that day, so we can go to beach next day. Kathy had to go home around noon, I kept picking until the sun set. I was very tired and realized I couldn’t finish it. I left my picking basket and half bag of coffee in the field, covered them up with my raincoat. It’s the bottom of our property, near the road, but nobody can see it from the road. Next morning, we found someone stole my basket and coffee. I was so upset, had hard time to believe someone would steal coffee bag from the field. After I said many times about it, Terry said to me,”Don’t let the negative energy grab your attention. It happened and over, you learn your lesson, just let it go.” Ooh, I’m so glad that Terry pulled me out from that hole, which my mind just went around it again and again, drove me crazy. It was a wake up call, the break through was a distinguish relieve from nonproductive thoughts. At the end of the day, I told myself that I worked to earn it, even I lost it now, it will go around and come back to me in different form. I like to think about other people positively, help me to be nice and friendly to others. But there are still plenty of people making wrong decision and doing bad things. They don’t realize that cheating and stealing won’t help them gain anything, only put them into worse and worse condition. Honesty is a basic and very important quality a person should have, your mind and spirit are free if you have the quality.

Second round picking
Some cherries are big.

One good thing happened to us is, we found some good pickers. they started picking our old farm from first round. We’ve been struggling with it every year, finally we get relieve from the pressure. Kathy is 70 years old now, I’m afraid she might trip and fall, hurt herself. Only picking the small farm, we both enjoyed it a lot.

We had the smallest crop ever last year. This year’s crop looks OK, at least we’ll have our average amount for this season. At the beginning of the year, we had a couple rounds of big beautiful coffee blossom.

2016 May Day Celebration

Last Saturday was the May Day Celebration at Honaunau school, a very special event for Sonny’s class, he and his friends are going to graduate from this elementary school. On this day, the ceremony was held for graduating students. It was even a super special event for Sonny and Jenna, they were elected to be May Day King and Queen.

May Day King and Queen’s families are in charge of decorating the stage the day before. Friday morning Terry and I went to a friend’s flower farm (on our road) to pick some flowers, and delivered to school. We found some flowers already there, waiting to be used.

At 2:30pm, we back to school to decorate the stage. At beginning I was worry a little bit since I had never done before.  There were a couple of moms who did this before, with their little guide, the whole process went very easy and smooth, only took two hours to finish the project.

Next to the field are some Monstera plants, Jenna’s parents and I clipped off some leaves, Sonny’s whole class helped to move the plants to the stage. With their help, the beginning of the project went very well, I was so glad to see they all were be part of this.




We had foggy and rainy week, wished to have a good sunny morning on May Day, we were blessed with good weather.












To be May Day King, the student has to write a speech to compete with other candidates, then 4th and 5th grade cast their votes. Not everyone want to be May Day King, Sonny didn’t want to try at beginning. I said:” You are a good student, why don’t you  try? It’s not about the compete, it’s about the participate. If no boy in your class apply for this role, how embarrass it is. ” Later I told him that I would award him $5.00 if he tried, $10.00 if he won this role. He needed money for his new computer, I wanted to help him but he had to earn it. So he wrote his speech, it came out not bad at all when he made up his mind. He was happy for days after the election, some kids told him they voted for him because he is the nicest boy. We were happy for him too, it helped his confident to grow inside of him.

In April, there was a talent show in our local community, we saw the sign past few years, but never asked Sonny to sign up. He has been taking piano lessons for 6 years, he can play some nice pieces. I asked him to try it this year, he refused and told me that I couldn’t force him to do it. I said :” I want you to try this time, because you are pretty good now. I wish you have an experience of playing music in front of more audiences, just this once, never again, unless you want to do it on your own. ” At the end we reached the agreement, we award him with $20.00 if he sign up the talent show and play two songs, one has to be “River Flows In You”. That evening, he got many complements after his performance. I believe he was very happy and proud of himself, that was what I wish he feels in his heart.

Right now I still can use my power as mom to give him a little push when it’s necessary, but I will giving up this power little by little as he grows. All I wish is that he will try many things as he grow up, to find out what he is good at, and choose the path that is right for himself, and the confidence and is comfortable to be himself in the future.



May Day Celebration 2014

Last Saturday was Honaunau School’s May Day Celebration, it was a beautiful sunny day. It’s a big day for the school, students and families, an event we don’t want to miss.








Below was the dance Sonny’s class performed.


After students’ performance, Terry and I bought some yummy food from Mexican food booth. Then we both helped Miss Q ( Sonny’s teacher ) with her game booths, Terry and Miss Q took care one booth, Kana and I took care another. We were so busy, didn’t get a chance to check out other activities.

A busy day, a good day, a happy day.



Miss Kona Coffee 2014

40 years ago, Terry just arrived at the island, Wilma is his friend who lived on Oahu; she took Terry to a party, and Terry met Tod and Babara, Babara was very pregnant with Keahi. Ever since then, they’ve been very close friends.

Later on, Keahi has her first child, Jeanne; Terry is honored to be her godfather. He visited them more often, when Jeanne was little older, she could spend sometimes with Terry on the farm.

At coffee season, if Jeanna stayed on the farm, a fun game was jumping on the coffee pile. Found some old pictures, some good moments of Jeanne had on the farm.










 Look at these old pictures, all we can see is that she is a happy little girl. Nobody knew, one day this little girl would become Miss Kona Coffee.

Jeanne started her dancing lessons from very young age, grandma drove her to  lessons, practice every week. She’s very talented dancer, she does ballet, hula and contemporary dance. She was May Day Queen last year when she graduated from high school, that means she need to perform a hula dance.

When we found out, Jeanne is one of nine contestants for Miss Kona Coffee Scholarship Pageant for 2014, we are so happy for her. We joined her family to cheer her up at the event.  What a privilege we had, to watch this beautiful young girl with tears on her face, crowned to be Miss Kona Coffee. We are so proud of her, she was rewarded after all these years practice.



When Terry’s coffee won the first place at cupping contest, Jeanne was 3 years old; 16 years later, she become Miss Kona Coffee. What a life, spinning and weaving with a thread named Kona Coffee. From our deep hearts wish that Jeanne will have good time in this yearlong journey with new life experiences.



May Day Celebration


Honaunau Elementary School had a May Day Celebration last weekend. Biggest day for students and families, it’s the only fund riser event for the school year.

The background of graduation ceremony is beautiful, on the wall was every student’s art work, every child. ( I asked Sonny to point out his drawing. )

It started with children’s performance for parents and community, then,there was a country shop store with local products, rummage sale, food booths and game booths. It’s fun day for every one.

May Day Celebration


Sonny with his friends

Terry sales scrips on May Day

Terry volunteered to sell scrips on that day.

Next day was Sonny’s birthday, we had a party for him at beach. Before the party, I discussed with Sonny about only inviting his friends, make a small party. But he insisted inviting Daddy’s friends, if they don’t come, it’s OK. Small or big, he had fun with his friends.

He loves airplanes so much, it’s the decoration on his birthday cake. He selected 4 toy soldiers and washed them to put on the cake later.

Birthday cake

Birthday presents

He wanted bombers for his birthday, and Terry helped him find these toys on line and bought for him. He showed me, which is super fortress, which is flying fortress and Mitchell bomber. Before we got the box, he reminded us every day to check our mail box. I’m glad, he likes his new toys very much and plays with them every day.

He is 8 years old now, Terry and I agree that he can start learning to do few things. We showed him how to make food when he is hungry, there are few easy one he does. He likes macaroni and cheese, and willing to learn how to cook it; now he can do it, just need us to pour the cooked macaroni out. I showed him how to cook oatmeal; another good one is, cut 1 or 2 ripe banana into bite size, pour some granola on top, then add some yogurt. Granola with juice or milk is the easiest one, he makes that quite often.

The more he can do to take care himself, the better I sure feel.





Kona coffee bloosom


When we prune coffee trees, usually we keep 2 to 4 young branches each tree; in that way, these branches have space to grow and plenty food to get healthy and strong.

There was a whole cloudy week and then the rain came, the first round of coffee blossom followed right after the rain. I took these photos two weeks ago, it was in the morning, when the sun just climbed over Mauna Loa  mountain, gentle warm sun rays shone on the farm. Coffee flowers look so fresh, tender and pure, I tried to capture their beauty with my camera. I was totally lost in their world, didn’t see a neighbor just walking by me.

We see the flower bloom every year, but I won’t get tired of taking their pictures. Seeing their beauty brings a good feeling to my heart, I love to share a few pictures with everyone.










Terry and I threw the first round of fertilizer when the ground was still wet, farm looks very good, coffee trees looks pretty healthy. We did our job, now we can relax, sit back, and watch coffee trees growing.

We had 2 inches rain last weekend, the trees looks even happier than before.





May day celebration at Honaunau school

May day celebration is a big event at Honaunau school. All of the kids worked hard to practice dancing and singing, teachers and parents worked together to prepare for this day, since it’s fund raiser event for the school too.

One week ago, I went to school to help making mango pickles. It’s a very big job, need many hands to do it. Picking mango, peeling, cutting into 2 pieces, digging the seed out, slicing into small pieces, salting, adding warm sugar water with food dye, one week later we can buy yummy mango pickle on May day. It brings good money to our school.

On mango pickling day, there were teachers, parents and community O’hana volunteers. Peeling and digging seed are easy but take time, cutting and slicing are harder, need good tool and strength.

I volunteered for this project last year too, I got two blisters in 2 minutes after I sliced mango with small knife. I learned my lesson, good tool can do better and faster. So I had my big cleaver with me this time, I sliced lots of mango; got one blister at the end. I wasn’t feeling well that time, could feel the cold was approaching to me. After I did it for 8 hours, my hand and fingers were so sore; my cleaver didn’t listen to my mind, cut my finger instead of the mango I was holding. I knew that’s the time for me to quit.

Last Friday evening, I volunteered making sushi. There were 4 ladies making musubi, they made 200. We had 5 ladies rolling sushi, and we made 150.

They always had someone making lunch and supper for all of volunteers.

Most volunteers were local, same faces showed up last year too. Worked with them, I experienced truly aloha, working together and get thing done. While we were working, their conversation seems always involved family, friend or community member; once a while, someone threw in a joke or comment, made everyone laugh. Even at quite moments, the atmosphere was light and loose; I don’t know most of them and had very little to say, but I felt comfortable with them. How should I describe my feeling? Through those community working party, my participation helped me entering the door of community O’hana; they saw me and acknowledged me as a new member of O’hana. They are easy, big heart, not complicated people, I love them; to understand them, I have to see things from their view.

On May day celebration, I took lots of pictures, share some with everyone. All of the kids are so sweet, they look so lovely after dressed up. Be a young child is a wonderful thing, and I’m glad to be able to see their pure beauty, cherish those moments, my eyes filled up with their sweet faces.

When I was a little girl, we celebrated May day too. But I don’t have any pictures to remind me how my friends and I look like, except my memory can tell some stories. Think about it, it’s kind of sad.

Well, let’s see those happy faces, and appreciate their presence, be the beautiful ones around us.





















Beach wedding in Hawai’i

We went to a beach wedding on Saturday,the bride is Terry’s goddaughter, she is gorgeous. This was the first beach wedding I have been to, I thought it’s the best way to get married on the island. Clear blue sky, mountains, ocean with non-stop waves, they witness the special moment of their life. Magic power of the nature, along with family and friends’ blessing, the new couple’s love and happiness will continue to grow and get stronger.

Wish them with many many years happy life together.



Mr. August

I mentioned that Terry is in a 2012 calendar, we just got it last Sunday. It’s well done job with beautiful photos.

A few weeks again, Terry and Sonny stopped at a garage sale, the lady had the sale recognized him, called him ” Mr. August”. Terry didn’t get it right away, until she showed him the calendar. He’s going to get used to the new name, since some friends like to use it too.

The whole idea of this calendar is to promote 100% Kona coffee, especially family owned small farm, the real coffee farmers. If you have a interest to purchase the calendar, please call: 808-328-8987.

Thanks for Kollette, Danielle, and Terri, a great work by wonderful ladies.